Environment and Ethics

Environment and Ethics

We have made every effort to enhance the overall amenity of our site in our rural surroundings through the preservation of woodland on our land, the use of renewable energy sources, and our commitment to recycling.  We also continue to support the national cheese industry and local charities.


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Since occupying Thorpe Leazes Farm in 1988, we have carried out extensive tree-planting, including the creation of a woodland of more than 1,400 native trees, planted over 7,500 square meters. This woodland provides a natural habitat for many species of wild birds, as well as a carbon sink capable of absorbing a potential 1000 tonnes of CO2 over its lifetime. In 2007, we made this area into a woodland walk, and named it 'The Joan Walker Way'. It has grown into a thriving habitat for wildlife and a quiet rest area for staff to benefit from.

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Renewable Energy

We operate good energy management, reducing energy waste and raising staff awareness. In recent years, we have invested in replacing old lights with LED lighting to reduce our energy use. Structural improvements have made better use of natural light and investment has been made into voltage reducing equipment. More efficient use of water has decreased usage by over 40% in recent years. We continue to look for new ways to become a greener operation in order to do our bit for the planet.

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We recycle more than 50 tonnes of cardboard and 3 tonnes of plastic per year. A multi-use recycling collector, enables the recycling of paper and cans. Since 2007, we have reduced the amount sent to landfill by more than 50%.

Supporting the Cheese Industry

The cheese industry is a unique industry in which to work, and is often characterised by the closeness and rapport of the links and partnerships forged and cultivated for generations. We are proud to support the craft of cheese-making, and regularly provide judges and stewards to the Great Yorkshire Show, the International Cheese and Dairy Awards and the British Cheese Awards, to name a few.

Supporting the Local Community

We proudly support our local community, donating to foodbanks and charities. We are also Fareshare suppliers, which means that any products which would normally be going to waste are donated to the scheme, providing millions of meals a year to to local community groups, charities and those in need.

How can we help?

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