Cutting and Packing

Ilapak Astra in Production

Contract Packing

We carry out work for other dairy product manufacturers, as well as retailers, helping their brands succeed. We want these products to do well and so, we bring our dedicated expertise and excellent standard of care to the table. Contract Packing forms the foundation of our business, so we are always happy to lend a hand in the development of new projects.

Ilapak Astra in High Care 2 with Cambozola

Soft Mould-Ripened Cheese Packing

With our bespoke production facility for packing soft mould-ripened products, we are able to cut fixed and random weight packs to the highest standard. We can also offer one of our own brands if that suits your requirements. We can supply products ready for shelves, or for your deli. There’s always something new to try, and we’ll give you a wide range of choices.

Packing machine: Hard-Pressed Cheese

Hard-Pressed Packing

We cut and pack regional cheeses, traditional wheels and creamery block cheese to the highest standard for all customer types. Hard-pressed cheese can be packed in a number of ways, and it simply depends on your needs. We can pack product ready for shelves, or for deli counters. If you’re unsure, please do contact us and discuss the possibilities.

Cheese Selections

Cheese Selections are for all occasions! Christmas, an after-dinner option, nibbles for a night in or an easy solution for picnics and parties. We can provide selections in cartons, trays, baskets or on wooden boards. We’re always looking for fresh new presentation ideas and cheese pairings to keep you ahead of the trend.