We have always been conscious of our responsibilities to the environment in our rural surroundings and have made every effort to enhance the overall amenity of our site.

Since occupying Thorpe Leazes Farm in 1988, we have carried out extensive tree-planting, including the creation of a woodland of more than 1,400 native trees, planted over 7,500 square metres. This woodland provides a natural habitat for many species of wild birds, as well as a carbon sink capable of absorbing a potential 1000 tonnes of CO2 over its lifetime.

Renewable Energy
Tom Walker & Sons operates good energy management, reducing energy waste and raising staff awareness. In 2016, we started to invest in replacing old lights with LED lighting in order to reduce our energy use. This will continue as older systems become due for replacement. Structural improvements have been made to make better use of natural light and investment has been made in voltage reducing equipment. More efficient use of water has reduced usage by over 40% in recent years.

Annually, we recycle more than 45 tonnes of cardboard and 3 tonnes of plastic. The company also has a multi-use recycling collector, which enables the recycling of paper and cans.

Recycling efforts have reduced the amount sent to landfill by more than 50% since 2007.